The Pocketstop was designed so it could be with a person at all times.

Introducing the Pocket-Stop

The only pocket-sized foldable door stop. Proudly made in the U.S.A.

The patented doorstop comes with front and rear rubber feet to prevent any slipping on all surfaces.

Eliminate the frustration 
of using door stops.

In the fast paced commercial building environment, workers are constantly moving materials through the corridors. They need a discreetly portable, durable and reliable tool to help them to keep doors open. Through years of experience maintaining properties such as hotels, high-rises, convention centers, business parks and residences, the need of such a tool has proved to be in demand.  

Contractors, movers, maintenance staff, housekeepers, doormen and package couriers use just about anything to hold a door open.  The PocketStop outperforms all others while preventing costly damages at facilities or injuries to employees.  With its patented folding design, it has never been more convenient to carry a door stop.
Perfect solution for construction, maintenance, janitorial, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, schools, casinos and many homes and businesses.